MODA Mantra

Angie Dunnigan

"Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Thanks for being a part of our tribe. We heart you!

At MODA we want to emulate the joy of shopping with your best friend. We think shopping should be fun and collaborative, not tedious and one-sided. Our approach is simple: We’ve joined forces with elevated fashion brands & other remarkable women, from bloggers to fashion trendsetters, to revitalize your shopping experience and create stylish everyday looks you’ll love.

Our goal is to inspire you to try new looks that make you feel amazing in your clothes. We promise that you’ll see our passion burst through in every carefully curated piece. No more opening your closet and feeling underwhelmed. At MODA, we want to get you excited about clothes again—to dress for your best self and to truly experience our mantra: “Own your power.” Shop with us and give it a try!
xoxo, Angie